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Giving back: it's what we do

Giving back: it's what we do

Community is one of the things that makes Eco Art and Craft the company that it is: heart-centred; child-focussed; ethical and sustainable.  To show our gratitude we give back to the wider community in many ways.


We are known for being extremely active and generous in our giving. We currently donate Eco Art and Craft products to schools, community groups, eco giveaways and children’s charities including the Salvation Army. Arleena and Cohen take lead roles in our product giving - they decide which organisations we support, package the products to donate and then write personalised notes to the kids who receive them.



Our Educator Program is all about giving back and meaningful change.  We have just rolled out a program where we offer our natural art and craft products in bulk and at wholesale prices to educators, schools, centres, paediatric therapists and facilitators of child focussed programs.  Why?  We feel so strongly about making a difference and helping the wider community clean up the art and craft space that we work directly with professionals on the ground to help educate children about sustainability through creative play.

Our Fundraiser Program offers clubs, organisations, schools, centres and corporate organisations with a fundraising opportunity that is great for the community and the planet. We offer a generous giveback of 30% to show our gratitude for groups who are making a difference by offering ethical and purposeful fundraising opportunities.


Sponsorship and fundraising

We have been financially supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation for 3 years - this is an organisation that is personal and close to our hearts.  At the end of 2020 I learnt that I had a BRCA2 gene mutation and with a 90% chance of breast cancer by the age of 50 I opted for a prophylactic double mastectomy. It is highly likely that one of my children will be a BRCA2 gene carrier and I want to make all the difference that I can in this space to help find a cure and better treatment options for all of us.


Rewards for families

This is coming!  I am still trying to choose a customer loyalty program that ties in with our values and supports our greater mission of helping to clean up the art and craft industry.  Part of the rewards for families will be offering a scheme where people can send in commercially manufactured non-compostable paraffin crayons, that are destined for landfill, and I will upcycle them and donate the re-NEW-ed crayons to organisations that support disadvanaged kids.

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