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We've won double SILVER in the 2022 Clean + Conscious Awards

We've won double SILVER in the 2022 Clean + Conscious Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Eco Art and Craft have has a double win with our our Natural Eco Paints taking out SILVER in the Kids Activities 2+ category and our Eco Crayons taking out SILVER in the Kids Activities 4+ category of the 2022 Clean + Conscious Awards.

Now running in its fourth year, the Clean + Conscious Awards 2022 celebrate exceptional products that are clean (non-toxic) and conscious (ethical, sustainable and responsible).

400+ finalist products were selected across 86 categories including Skincare, Makeup, Hair, Body, Zero Waste, Baby, Kids, Fashion, Fitness, Food & Nutrition and Home. All products have been scientifically-researched and are verified to be non-toxic, as well as sustainable, ethical and responsible.


"What a fabulous and wonderful concept to have plant based eco paints that are also non-toxic. I love how pigmented and natural the paints are, they are easy to use and great around curious toddlers. A fantastic product for all ages! I love the brand’s approach to working with ethical, plant based and non-toxic materials to create paints. This all aligns with my values towards being eco conscious." – Shahrzad Kahrobai

"I have always been concerned about the toxins in toddler and children's paint, and I love that these paints are entirely safe for my daughter and for the earth. The box set looks of a high quality and is very considered. I am blown away at the care to ensure the entire set is compostable (aside from recyclable brush parts). Just beautiful! Two things stand out to me when I look at Eco Art & Crafts’ social responsibility statement. First, it warms my heart to see that this business is employing single mothers, seeing their value and providing them flexible working hours. As a single mother, I know how difficult it is to both work and care for young children. Secondly, to have enough integrity to prioritise values over potential greater financial gain or product reach, by declining their product to be stocked at stores that don’t align with their values shows brave leadership!" – Melissa Mai

"The kids had an ABSOLUTE ball using these products – they were really intrigued about the making of the paints and the idea of only mixing as much as we were going to use. The product itself is lovely – bold, bright, colours that created beautiful works of art! Eco Art and Craft deserves a medal for all the incredible work they are doing for the community and the planet. From thinking about educating children through the use of the product, down to the practicalities of making something that is ethically sourced." – Veronica Milsom



"My kids adored experimenting with these gorgeous plant-based crayons. My three-year-old was the first to comment on the smell “Are they made with chocolate? Oooh they smell so good!” My six year-old created some beautiful drawings and enjoyed experimenting with overlapping the earthy colours. I love that these crayons are made using renewable ingredients and that the brand follows strict guidelines around ethical sourcing (no mica or palm oil)." – Emma Freeman

"What a find! I didn’t think there was such a thing as 100% plant based and truly non-toxic crayons. This is such a great product and so eco-friendly that I didn’t freak out when my dog decided to chew on the cocoa brown crayon! Great earthy colours and big enough to grip so they don’t snap like small commercial crayons do. Everything about this product has been well thought through and consciously considered – from the packaging, the materials used right through to the purpose of helping develop fine motor skills in kiddies." – Lee Sutherland

"I love the large, chunky size of the Eco Art and Craft Crayons. They are the perfect size for little hands. The crayons don’t leave any residue on your hands and are easy to use, producing gorgeous earthy colours. I love that the crayons are plant based and made from renewable resources and it’s great that the business supports local communities and causes." – Fiona Morouco

The Clean + Conscious Awards, which are 100% independent and run by a team of women, are the brainchild of blogger, mother and practising Optometrist Emily Fletcher, who founded the Awards when she identified the need to celebrate safe and socially responsible products. Emily, who has postgraduate qualifications in Pharmacology and has studied Advanced Chemistry at university, says “We are thrilled to launch our biggest and most exciting Awards yet."


The #cleanandconsciousawards celebrate products that are safe, ethical, sustainable, and responsible.

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